Maximum - Safety, stability, speed, portability, versatility and fun!

Minimum - Weight, hp, draft, wake, maintenance and hassle!

Row faster, go faster and have more fun!

Takacat Lite is the perfect tender for the yacht, the motor home or the batch. It’s great fun for the kids and the kids at heart and best of all; it's incredibly stable, rows superbly and you don’t need a lot of HP to get going.

"The build quality seems outstanding and I was shocked at how well it rowed, I have not seen any other inflatable that can row this efficiently, its great".
"Thanks." Nige Oswald

Big on design and performance

Our unique Takacat Lite design combines both inflatable boat and air-deck technologies together with a low resistance catamaran hull design. This exciting series adds a whole new dimension to the tender and portable boat markets.

- Amazing stability
- Brilliant to row
- Quick, level and efficient planing, even with as little as a 3hp
- Excellent tracking while being towed, rowed or under power
- Light in weight
- Quick and easy set-up
- Roll-up to transport or store
- Removable high pressure air-deck system
- Big fun factor

"It's great to fish from and it also better to row than my Canoe!" Timo, South Island lake fisherman, NZ

New Evolution

Along with the larger tubes for better all round performance and stability; the all-new Takacat Lite has been designed with a fully removable high-pressure air deck floor system.

The removable air-deck creates a dry floor surface as no water stays on top of the deck. Only a very small amount if any water can actually be held under the air deck due to the catamaran hull design and new bung set-up.

This is a big advantage over mono hull inflatables as they tend to hold all the water that comes into the boat in the hull as it’s below the water line. This can make them extremely heavy to handle and sacrifices performance
as well as been difficult to drain.

If you are using the Takacat as a portable boat and setting up on location you will also find a good weight advantage as the floor can now be put in after the boat is inflated.

"Its a fantastic design and even with my 2 1/2 hp propane outboard it moves it along quite well. Its a perfect light handy set up. I have it hanging off the back of a Lagoon Power 43. Good job, great product!" R Appelbaum, NY, USA

New EVA deck grip / protection

A 5mm closed cell foam that provides grip and protection to the high pressure air deck floors. It's extremely comfortable and also adds rigidity and extra positive buoyancy. When placing your order "basic" means no EVA deck grip, "standard" means with the new EVA deck grip.

The new EVA deck grip on a T300L shown here providing excellent protection when fishing.

For technical info
and specifications click here

Big on Safety

Trying to get out of the water and back into a dinghy (or any boat for that matter) can be a very difficult and even dangerous situation.

The unique bow design of the Takacat Lite is one of the features that makes it a truly exceptional boat. Our scuba diver customers love the Takacat Lite. The easy of entry is also appreciated by kids and the not-so-young.

The Takacat Lite comprises of 5 airtight compartments making it a very safe craft. Add to this the ability to hold no water and catamaran stability you're looking at your perfect light tender and or portable fun boat.